Dryer Vent Cleaning

Every year, thousands of home fires are caused by clogged dryer vents, many of which could be prevented through regular dryer vent cleaning. Unfortunately, since this home service is often overlooked, so many people forget to have it done until it's too late.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, dryers and washing machines cause an average of 15,970 fires each year with dryers causing 92% of them. The leading items first ignited in clothes dryer fires were dust, fiber, or lint. The leading cause of home clothes dryer and washer fires was failure to clean.

By getting an annual dryer vent cleaning, you will be protecting your home from fire, as well as allowing your dryer to work more efficiently. This will lead to a faster drying cycle (meaning that when you take wet clothes from the washer and put them into your dryer, you won't have to wait as long for them to fully dry).

Your typical home dryer vent can receive the highest quality cleaning from a professional, NADCA Certified Air Duct specialist. With this type of cleaning, not only can you help with fire risk reduction, but you can also decrease your energy costs, increase the longevity of your dryer, lower your energy bill, and save money in the long term.

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